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Currently, the precious metals world market has a huge monetary turnover and is rapidly growing. The price per ounce of gold has exceeded $ 1,800. The silver is at $ 20, and the demand for diamonds is growing year by year. The main extraction volume of these resources is controlled by corporations and state-owned companies with access to unlimited investments, latest technologies, and expert personnel.

Small and average mining companies in developing countries don’t have such opportunities. They are forced to use outdated, even eco-harmful technologies, without fully realizing their development potential. Meanwhile, global cryptocurrency market capitalization has exceeded $ 1 trillion. Still, it doesn’t allow investors to make direct investments in real economy sectors.

DAO Paykiken MetaSpace was created to provide a unique opportunity to access investments and technologies for developing companies and startups, allowing investors to participate in prospective gold, silver, and diamond mining projects. We want to introduce modern eco-friendly technologies at all obtaining stages of precious stones and metals, ease human labor, and increase the life quality of those living in areas of industrial development.

What is Metaspace?
Paykiken MetaSpace is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) based on blockchain technology jointly owned and managed by its participants.
Paykiken MetaSpace DAO activity consists of making a profit from participating in gold, silver and diamond mining projects in developing countries worldwide.
Paykiken MetaSpace contains smart contracts and services to simplify and make transparent the investment process and corporate management, as well as fair profits distribution.
How it works
Preliminary stage
  • A member of the DAO Paykiken MetaSpace Community places a project Portfolio proposed for onsideration in mining/processing of precious stones and metals on a closed platform section.
  • If submitted documents meet the Paykiken MetaSpace platform requirements, the project Portfolio is presented to a quorum vote of the DAO Community.
  • If a positive decision is made and the required amount of investment is approved, the platform issues the estimated number of tokens to its own blockchain network address.
Investment stage
Profit Distribution Stage
DAO Paykiken Metaspace Today
Professional blockchain technology specialists

Our DAO Community’s IT specialists are currently working on creating the Paykiken MetaSpace digital platform, P2P Trading platform, Risk Hedging service. They are developing smart contracts and algorithms, testing the mechanisms of participant interactions.

Experts with vast experience in mining/processing of minerals

Our DAO Community’s Geologists and Engineers is studying the geological materials of a gold mining project in Peru. The Sifuentes portfolio will be presented very soon. Group of like-minded our DAO are working in different parts of the world, negotiating of diamond deposits in Botswana, gold mines in Zambia, and Tanzania.

Metaspace today statistics
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Sifuentes investment project

The Sifuentes investment project for the construction of a mining and processing plant for the production of gold and silver in the Sifuentes district, Arequipa region in Peru, is considered as the first DAO project.

Peruvian companies have been working in this field for 10 years. Despite the lack of financing and production capacity, they managed to extract about 350 kilograms of gold in an artisanal way, extracting no more than 30% from it. The results of the work and standardized laboratory analyses indicate the high potential of the Cifuentes project, since the gold content in the ore reaches one ounce per ton, and potential reserves are estimated at 20 tons. There is also a high content of copper and silver in the form of related products.

Detailed information about the project is available on the internal platform for community members Read

Project Roadmap

10.10.2021 - Start of DAO Paykiken MetaSpace concept, construction of legal model for the project, consultations with FINMA (Zug, Switzerland)

04.12.2021 - preliminary negotiations with the owners of the gold and silver mining concession, audit of the available geological information (Lima, Peru)

06.12.2021 - Signing of a memorandum on construction of a mining and processing plant on the concession area in Sifuentes, Arequipa region - Peru

20.02.2022 - Assembling an international team of geologists and engineers, visiting the territory of the mine (Sifuentes, Arequipa, Peru), collecting 250 surface samples, 2 tons of deep (up to 80 m.) ore samples

20.03.2022 - Building geological model of ore deposits (Sifuentes, Arequipa, Peru), selection of design organization, pre-project works

02.06.2022 - Launch of MVP platform DAO Paykiken MetaSpace

10.06.2022 - Issue of 2,000,000 PAYKIK tokens in Tron network and placement on DAO Paykiken MetaSpace crypto account

20.06.2022 - Issuance of the entire token issue through a DeFi exchange, registration of DAO participants (PAYKIK token holders) on the DAO platform

21.07.2022 - Quorum voting by the Community on the proposed portfolio of the project "Sifuentes", the choice of the company Agent of the Project, the conclusion of the Agency Agreement

25.07.2022 - Conclusion of the Production Sharing Agreement for the area of Concession 13 in the area of Sifuentes, Arequipa Region - Peru

01.08.2022 - Commencement of design of mining and processing plant with capacity of 700 tonnes of ore per day and power supply system based on solar energy

10.08.2022 - Commencement of mining of gold-bearing ore, construction of mines with contractors

15.08.2022 - Launch of electronic resource trading service using cryptocurrencies, risk hedging service on DAO Paykiken MetaSpace platform

01.10.2022 - Presentation of the detailed design of the Sifuentes mining and processing plant, quorum vote on the issue of PAYKIK GOLD tokens to finance the construction of the plant

10.10.2022 - Issue of PAYKIK GOLD tokens through centralised exchange, registration of DAO participants (token holders) on DAO platform

11.10.2022 - Purchase of equipment - start of construction works

20.04.2023 - Start-up of Sifuentes project's mining and processing plant, production output
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