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Community History

The idea for DAO Paykiken Geo was born in 2021 among an international team of geologists and engineers during a work trip to gold mines in the mountains of Peru. A detailed analysis of the local companies’ operations in the sectors of gold, silver, and copper extraction and processing revealed a major problem: The full potential of natural resource deposits is not being fully realized in developing countries. Limited access to financial investment forces them to use backward, unsustainable mining and processing technologies along with hard and dangerous human labor. As a result, the efficiency of mining remains very low despite the growing demand and prices of natural resources in global markets. As a solution to this problem, it was proposed that the potential of the rapidly growing cryptocurrency industry could be used in the traditional business of natural resource extraction and processing. This would enable the necessary influx of funds required for small and medium-sized mining companies to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability. The reason for Paykiken Geo’s creation is to develop an innovative business model that would serve as a bridge between the digital and material worlds.

Everybody can join the Paykiken Geo community by becoming a Paykik Government tokens owner. Join the DAO Paykiken Geo community to gain access to the natural resources of our planet and earn money through them—all while making the world a greener, fairer, and better place!

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