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DAO Paykiken Geo is the first decentralized autonomous organization that implements the unique concept of collective investment in the commodity sectors of the global economy using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. This investment approach includes the development of a personal blockchain, a commodity crypto exchange, NFT tokens tied to real resources, and gaming applications that promote the idea of decentralization. Going forward, as a tool for attracting investments for DAO Paykiken Geo projects, the DAO plans to issue and sell utility tokens on centralized exchanges, which will enable crypto investors to participate in mining and processing projects and receive guaranteed dividends.

The foundation of Paykiken Geo’s organizational structure is a model for a decentralized autonomous organization deployed in the TRON blockchain. DAO Paykiken Geo smart contracts are publicly and available via following links:

DAO Paykiken smart contracts issued in a blockchain network provide absolute transparency and democracy with regard to collective investment activity. Everybody can join the Paykiken Geo community by becoming a Paykik Government tokens owner. This DAO digital certificate provides its holder with unconditional ownership rights over all the assets, projects, and developments of Paykiken Geo and serves as a digital key to the web platform and forum. The Paykik token is an instrument for direct participation in the management of DAO Paykiken Geo, granting its holder voting rights and the ability to propose any initiatives for discussion.


DAO Paykiken Geo is a virtual association of people who interact through the blockchain network using smart contracts. The objective of the people brought together by DAO Paykiken Geo is the realization of their freedom to participate in a collective investment and management association, which is described in the Memorandum.

Freedom of association refers to the right of a person to voluntarily unite with other people to accomplish mutual goals. The exercise of such a right is not subject to any restrictions, except thosethat are essential to maintaining a democratic society in the interest of national security and social order.

Differences in terms of nationality, gender, or religion among DAO Paykiken Geo members do not affect their rights, as everyone is granted absolute anonymity based upon respect for their democratic rights and freedom of identity.

DAO Paykiken Geo is a decentralized organization that does not fall under any particular jurisdiction and adheres only to International Law and multilateral agreements. The organization’s projects are regulated according to the norms and laws of the territories of the specific countries in which they are executed.

The fundamental principles of DAO Paykiken Geo’s activity on a global scale are the strategy of target planning and development in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. This includes responsible production and consumption, clean and accessible energy, innovation in industry and infrastructure, action against climate change, and the preservation of ecosystems.

*Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a set of 17 interrelated goals formulated by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2015 as “the plan to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”.

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