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The GeoSpace gaming space is a publicly accessible gaming part of the DAO Paykiken Geo platform specifically created for gamers and gaming applications as a place for users to communicate with each other and relax. The gaming space has its own ideology and technical concept based on the DAO Paykiken Geo blockchain architecture.

GeoSpace ideology is based on the idea of creating an environment for developing and publishing games that support the P&E (play and earn) principle. In contrast to the P2E principle, the platform functionality does not use algorithms that require the players to perform repetitive and monotonous actions to gain profit. Instead, P&E involves incorporating elements of fun and recreation into the gameplay in a way that the monetization of game time or achievements, represents a way to earn rewards while having fun.

A key aspect of the technical concept of GeoSpace is the introduction of AI technology, which makes it possible to personalize and administer gameplay. By analyzing players’ behavior and preferences, AI allows the development of individual tasks and rewards that are specifically tailored to each of the players and the detection of cheating and fraud attempts. A promising use of AI technology in GeoSpace is the development of game design, graphics, and visualization. By automating and improving many aspects of game processes, AI contributes to creating a balanced and pleasant game space.

The implementation of the GeoSpace technical concept involves the use of the GeoChain network as a cryptographic basis for games, guaranteeing players absolute ownership of in-game assets and their protection. A native Geo token can act as in-game currency, while utility tokens and NFTi can be used as elements of in-game economies.

Play & Earn

DAO Paykiken Geo’s investment activities do not involve investing in the gaming sphere as a source of profit. GameFi represents a tool for the DAO’s marketing goals and a way to promote blockchain technology and decentralization ideology.

GeoSpace, integrated into the architecture of DAO Paykiken Geo, will allow users to use GeoChain’s capabilities more fully and test and implement the new algorithms of smart contracts, mechanisms of stacking and exchange of cryptocurrencies, as well as NFT technologies.

GeoSpace, which is an element and tool of the blockchain infrastructure, can be used by players and game developers to create their game DAOs and develop and implement new technologies.

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