A decentralized exchange
for natural resources
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Commodity crypto exchange, as a part of the DAO Paykiken Geo development concept, is designed to enable the decentralized trading of natural resources for all producers and buyers of raw materials anywhere in the world without exception. The decentralized algorithm of the commodity crypto exchange, offered by DAO Paykiken Geo in the blockchain network, eliminates the disadvantages of centralized platforms and guarantees trading transparency, security, reliability, and immutability.

One of the key advantages of a blockchain-based exchange is the possibility of realizing direct settlements, which includes the use of cryptocurrencies. The traditional instrument of letters of credit, which are used to guarantee payment in international trade transactions, can be replaced by the digital currencies’ deposit algorithm, which will significantly speed up settlement processes and reduce the costs and volume of the supporting documentation. The absence of access restriction measures to the platform of the DAO Paykiken Geo commodity crypto exchange makes a significant contribution to the liberalization of the global market of natural resources.

In developing the administrative structure of the commodity crypto exchange, DAO Paykiken Geo’s primary objective is to integrate the principles of decentralization into the algorithms of trading transactions. The fundamental, democratic principles of the DAO must be taken into account in the implementation of the measures for combating money laundering and the illicit trafficking of raw materials. The legal concept of the DAO Paykiken Geo commodity crypto exchange requires a flexible approach that complies with international trade regulations and restrictions.

The technical structure of the DAO Paykiken Geo commodity crypto exchange stipulates a user-friendly interface for the online trading platform that will allow users to easily access the exchange and make transactions on it. The functionality of the platform should include live price information, transaction history, an order book, and statistical analysis. The trading mechanisms of the DAO Paykiken Geo crypto exchange will be based on the decentralized algorithms of the GeoChain blockchain network.

Commodity crypto exchange
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